Book review: Aqson Level I

Aqson Level I by SreejibBook: Aqson Level I by Sreejib

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Song: P.O.D. – Youth Of The Nation

*The book was generously provided to me by the author’s brother in exchange for an honest opinion.*

This would make a great movie! I’d even buy a ticket to the movies to see it. The tug of war between God and Lucifer always fascinated me and the game they’re playing in this book is really something else.

So the concept of it is similar to the online games where people are divided in two teams, with team leaders, team colors, missions, rewards and weapons. Many games could be played simultaneously and the ultimate goal is to become the gardian of Nature’s creations. The goal for this particular game, Aqson, is for either Team God or team Lucifer to place their player in a chair of the Prime Minister of India and they have 30 years to accomplish that.

It was very interesting to see what kind of political climate rules Indian people as I am not at all familiar with that region’s political structure. Student politics playes a massive part in it according to this book and the influences it has on the country as a whole showes a colorful picture.

As for the main characters, I liked them and I didn’t. It’s like with any group of friends, sometimes you love them but sometimes you want to scream at them in frustration and then it’s back to normal. That’s how I felt about all of them. Except Sky, she was annoying all the time. I wouldn’t mind if each next book was switching POVs because this one was mainly from Toya’s perspective and I’d like to know other guys a little better.

The one thing that made me cranky was the overuse of abbreviations. There were too much. I hate when people do that and you have to break your head to figure out what they were talking about. Granted, the author always used the explanation for abbreviations when they were introduced but still.

I am actually excited to see where the series will go further, it makes me happy that something I was asked to review turned out to actually be good. So, Sreejiib, if you’re reading this, I’m game for the next book 😉

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Book review: Barbarian Alien (Ice Planet Barbarians, #2)

Barbarian Alien by Ruby DixonBook: Barbarian Alien by Ruby Dixon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This cracks me up so bad, it’s a good thing too because I needed something fluffy and fun after the last couple of books.

This one is about Liz and Raahosh. So Raahosh is resonating to Liz first time he sees her, no matter that she is all filthy and weak and a total bitch to him, apperently some men like that shit. He goes all neanderthal on her forcing her to take a cootie khui into her body and kidnaps her after for babymaking and stuff. And Liz is just as bad, giving a guy all this mixed up signals with keeping his head in her lower regions all the while saying how she doesn’t want him to go there.

But, I want to warn you that this is not the kind of book where your usual hang ups come for a ride. It’s a space porn, so what exactly are you expecting? It’s a fun ridiculous light reading for a quick pick me up and it surves its purpose and leaves you in a better mood than you were before. Good enough for me.

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Book review: I See You

I See You by Clare MackintoshBook: I See You by Clare Mackintosh

My rating: 3,5 of 5 stars

Song: 30 Seconds To Mars – Hunter

People are sick. That’s not news, really, but I’m feeling a new wave of gratitude for having an opportunity to escape public modes of tranportation and have my own car. Still, every time I’d have to use a subway I’ll remember this book and shudder.

It took a long time for the story to find its groove, a lot of pages were dedicated to the everage life of Zoe and her family and it didn’t really need that much. I’d rather read more about the detective – Kelly. She had a lot more interesting personality and vibe. But when the mystery part really took off it became gripping and exciting, too bad it took like half a book.

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