Book review: Origin (Robert Langdon, #5)

Origin by Dan BrownOrigin by Dan Brown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If Dan Brown had a shaky relationship with the church before, after this book it might be even more difficult. But is he really that far off from the truth though?

The questions like Is there a God? Where did we come from? What happens after? Those are the questions that people were asking for as long as they learned to think and we never seem to get any real answers. So, in his usual polarising manner, Brown took it upon himself to have a crack at it. Some of what he is saying here could be considered blasphemy, some of it are just pure facts, all of it is just another spark that should ignite the conversation.

“Dialogue is always more important than consensus” 

Do I, personaly, believe in God as church describes him? No. My views on the matter are rather ambiguous. And no, I am not agreeing with everything that was said here, what I do agree with is:

“if there is a devine force behind the universe, it is laughing hysterically at the religions we’ve created in an attempt to define it” 

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