Book review: Forgetting August

Forgetting AugustForgetting August by J.L. Berg

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Song: The Veronicas – I Can’t Stay Away

DNF at 62%

That’s as much masochism as I can handle right now. I wanted to like the book, I even picked it out thinking that it was exactly what I needed after my latest trip to Exville. But noooooooo, it just made it worse.

And another thing, I’m in no way a proud member of grammar police, but my edition was ridiculously full of mistakes. It really threw me off. Everly didn’t make it easy to like her either. The girl is nuts. Not cute and adorable nuts. Just nuts. I have mixed up feelings about August though. Past August is a damn psycho and present August I just feel sorry for. But not enough to continue reading.

Over and out


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