Book Review: Souls Unfractured (Hades Hangmen, #3)

Souls Unfractured by Tillie Cole Souls Unfractured by Tillie Cole

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Song: Broken Iris – Broken Inside

“For fractured souls are like magnets.
Drawn to collide into an impossible bliss…..”

I think this is it for me, guys. This series is just too hard for me to read, even though I liked 2 books out of three. Because there is dark and then there’s dark, and this is just fucking depressing.

Hey, I’m not saying dark is bad, I got exactly what I wanted from this story and then some. From book one I was wandering how Tillie could possibly make Flame into any kind of a romantic interest. Shit, he is messed up in the head, but she managed. She gave him a pretty twisted backstory and still you could see humanity in him that shone through, if only for Maddie.

Maddie was as messed up as he was, but I guess it couldn’t have been any other way, no normal girl would go for him. And no, I’m not being cruel, just saying it like it is. They found bliss in each other and that’s the way it was supposed to be. Everyone deserves their happy endings. Except pedophiles, no happy endings for them.

Over and out


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