Book review: Ice Planet Barbarians (Ice Planet Barbarians #1)

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Song: Eiffel 65 – Blue

Being kidnapped by little green men is not fun, just ask Scully.

No, dammit, because they probe you with weird instruments, put ungodly things in your body and are just plain unpleasant guys to be around. Georgie, our main lady is taken in the middle of the night with a bunch of other girls, put on a spaceship and whisked away to parts unknown with no idea what’s gonna happen to them when they get there.

Thank God they crashland on their way there and are left by their captors to either freeze to death or starve and dehydrate while they wait for the rescue. So Georgie is kinda voted the leader of the girls and sent outside to explore the surroundings and hopefully find a way to get home.

Instead she finds a huge blue horny (literally and figuratively) Ice Planet equivalent of Conan and shacks up with him in a cave.

“It wasn’t a monster come to eat me. It was this monster. Who’s come to eat me out.”

You go, girl! Some priorities are just more important than others, you know?

Now, I’ve never ventured into a space porn genre, but this one was pretty fun and light, and I’m kinda hooked. Also, yeah, I want me some of that blue barbarian.

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Book Review: Souls Unfractured (Hades Hangmen, #3)

Souls Unfractured by Tillie Cole Souls Unfractured by Tillie Cole

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Song: Broken Iris – Broken Inside

“For fractured souls are like magnets.
Drawn to collide into an impossible bliss…..”

I think this is it for me, guys. This series is just too hard for me to read, even though I liked 2 books out of three. Because there is dark and then there’s dark, and this is just fucking depressing.

Hey, I’m not saying dark is bad, I got exactly what I wanted from this story and then some. From book one I was wandering how Tillie could possibly make Flame into any kind of a romantic interest. Shit, he is messed up in the head, but she managed. She gave him a pretty twisted backstory and still you could see humanity in him that shone through, if only for Maddie.

Maddie was as messed up as he was, but I guess it couldn’t have been any other way, no normal girl would go for him. And no, I’m not being cruel, just saying it like it is. They found bliss in each other and that’s the way it was supposed to be. Everyone deserves their happy endings. Except pedophiles, no happy endings for them.

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Book Review: Rapture in Death (In Death, #4)

Rapture in Death by J.D. RobbRapture in Death by J.D. Robb

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Song: Nickelback – Another Hole In The Head

This is just getting better and better. With each book we delve deeper and deeper into miasma of human nature. And also deeper into Eve’s character. I love how she opens up more now. It’s night and day compared to the first book, where she was cold and stoic and closed up like a turtle in her shell. Now she’s more of a human being and it’s all thanks to Roarke. God bless him!

The case of the week is a string of what looks like suicides. The first on rudely interrupting Eve and Roarke on their off-planet honeymoon. People are just so inconsiderate sometimes. Honestly. Any other cop would probably shrug and move on to the next case, but not Eve. When her gut tells her something is shifty in here, she pursues it like a dog does a bone, uncovering someone’s sick game with a human brain. It’s all fascinating really, and not that impossible. So, scary…

I wonder if they have it in purple

I wanna say one more thing before I go. PEABODY! Girl has the worst luck with men, but damn she’s hilarious.

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Book Review: Heart Recaptured (Hades Hangmen, #2)

Heart Recaptured by Tillie Cole Heart Recaptured by Tillie Cole

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Song: Garbage – Stupid Girl

DNF at 23%

Sorry but I just can’t simpathize with Lilah’s brand of stupidity. Her mentality is basically “my faith is pure and strong even though my Prophet and his cronies can rape me whenever they feel like it, and you’re a devil’s spawn for choosing who to fuck”.

Dear God, if you’re listening, please keep the nutcases like that in some separate part of your kingdom, so we don’t have to roll our eyes for brain demage.

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Book Review: It Ain’t Me, Babe (Hades Hangmen, #1)

It Ain't Me, Babe by Tillie Cole It Ain’t Me, Babe by Tillie Cole

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Song: Black Sabbath – Heaven And Hell

“Sinning never felt so good”

Jeezusss! This is so messed up and yet I couldn’t hate it if I tried. I could hate on people who are actually living in the type of religious cults/communes as are described here. Because, seriously, old bastards using young girls to “get closer to God” is so not cool.

And can real life Texans tell me it’s not all KKK, Neos, religious cults and MC clubs there? Are there any normals at all? I’m kidding, I’m kidding, take your rifle away from my face.

I had a slight problem with the way guys in the Hangmen were treating and speaking to girls in general, but I don’t know enough about biker culture to judge about it from the informed point of view. Although I suppose if girls let themselves be treated that way, then by all means…

The ending made me excited to see what drama would transpire with Ky and Flame next. This should be fun.

Over and out

Book Review: Love Me in the Dark

Love Me in the Dark by Mia Asher Love Me in the Dark by Mia Asher

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Song: A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover

I have a bone to pick with the author. And there would be spoilers so proceed at your own risk.

When a bored rich housewife meets a hot tortured French artist, you kinda know what would be happening, even though She has a husband and all. And that would be fine if only they could be grown-ups about it and just face the consequences of their decisions, deal with the heartache and move on. But noooooooo. That’s not the road Mia Asher took. She just made a villain out of Valentina’s husband, a closet one mind you. Because how could you live with a person for twelve years and somehow fail to notice that he’s a sadistic manipulative asshole who also sleeps with his step sister, just for kicks and giggles?

That would have been just fine if it wasn’t just dumped on us around last third of the book totally out of nowhere. Plot twist it wasn’t. For me it felt like a cop out, an excuse for giving Valentina and Seb a happy ending. Too bad, I liked the book before it turned that way.

Over and out

Book Review: Stalking Jack the Ripper (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #1)

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri ManiscalcoStalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Song: Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack

A case of overhyped excitement.

It looked good on paper, I admit. Jack the Ripper case, wich I’m always interested in, plus girl having fun at being ME in Victorian England, plus bold fashion choices (for that time) equals great reading time, right? If only I didn’t know who the killer was so soon that it made me hit my head repeatedly on the table for every time Audrey Rose missed an obivous clue.

Anywho, it was a pretty good book, all things considered, but I needed more from it. More suspense and intrigue, definitely more sexual content (I get that it’s Victorian England and the book is mostly for teenagers, but seriously?, one measly kiss for the whole book?), more character building. Just more. Blame it on me being the only child, but I’m selfish and greedy when it comes to my books.

Over and out