I’m at it again

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So remember I said I wanted to rewatch OTH again? I’m doing that. For probably 323d time. Yeah, I’m that girl.

The thing is, I forgot how great the friendship between Haley and Lucas is. It’s the only relationship I can think of from the top of my head that never left the platonic side. How rare is that?

And then there’s the music. Seriously, I’m on episode 5 and every single song so far – I have it. Oh, the nostalgia!

Here are some great ones from season 1

Of course, the theme. The most recognizable track of the early 2000s.

The River court, Nathan, Lucas. Totally appropriate.

Really cool song if you can look past the weird video.

A perfect song to play for your boyfriend in the phone when he’s being a jerk. Girls, take notice!

So pretty, and so sad. The break up was a long time coming though.

A mellow song for a dramatic moment, good contrast if you ask me.

Couldn’t for a long time decide if it was a guy or a girl singing. I guess I know now.

Jake is such a great dad, his moments with his daughter are so sweet.

Fans of the show know the exact moment this one played, don’t you?

Lol, that staredown!

Ok, it’s only like from the few first episodes, but as you can see there are plenty of good ones. I encourage you to check the full soundtrack. It’s so good!

By for now and thanks for sticking with me ;P

Over and out


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