Book review: The Bourbon Kings (The Bourbon Kings, #1)

The Bourbon Kings by J.R. WardThe Bourbon Kings by J.R. Ward

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Song: Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse

Buddy read with my freaky mind-twin Nel.

Not 100% sure how I feel about this story, there wasn’t one character I connected to. It’s certainly unusual for me.

Basically it’s a story about filthy rich family and their filthy rich problems. Only instead of oil running in their blood, we have bourbon, as flammable and dangerous as could be. Of course there’s love and mystery and ugly ex-wives. Think Dallas, Santa Barbara or any other 80’s soap opera.

We have an older son, Edward, crippled due to a kidnap&ransom situation gone wrong. A middle son, Lane, that left behind everything that has to do with his family, returning home only because of some bad news. An absent youngest son, Max, nobody has heard from in years. A daughter, Gin, who is a portrait of classic teenage rebellion, only she’s in her thirties. An asshole father and a mother, who hasn’t left her drug induced vegetable state in quite a while.

I guess I was supposed to love Lane and ship his relationship with Lizzie, only I didn’t even like him, or respect him for that matter, enough to care. And Lizzie wasn’t that better, but at least she worked for what she had and was her own person. Lane on the other hand only started to redeem himself by the end of the book, so we’ll see.

Gin was a spoiled brat and I couldn’t really care for her problems most of the time, but there were two moments that I felt outraged on her behalf. Did it make me like her? No. Still, there is no excuse for what she had to deal with. Then again, her decision in the end erased any kind of sympathy I had for her.

Edward was probably the only one I was rooting for. He was the only one of his family that managed, even in his broken state, to break free of the vicious circle that was his family life. He went out on his own, did the thing he loved, and couldn’t care less about his social status. Yes, he is also a raging alcoholic and a hard man to be around, but everyone has their demons to battle.

As for the parents?

The pace of the mystery part of the book was so slow, I was starting to loose interest and then it got a little better. It was mostly driven by relationships and family drama. I guess it could’ve been expected but I wanted more murder solving, less romantic whining. Thank heavens there’s only 3 books in the series and it would be over fast, I’m only reading on to find out if I’m right about the killer.

Over and out