Book review: Brothers

BrothersBrothers by Tess Oliver

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

SongLady Gaga – Boys Boys Boys

Let me start by saying that if it weren’t for the cover, I’d probably skip this one.

I was weak, I admit. I saw the cover, salivated for ten whole minutes (I kid you not! It was embarassing) and only then did I read the description. So I thought “Ok, two brothers, bladesmiths no less, one girl and a whole lot of wood. This could be either really good or really smutty, with a lot of kink.” Pervert that I am I was hoping for latter.

Sure, a lot of people would argue that, where brothers are concerned, it’s icky and weird and all kinds of wrong. It’s the same argument that The Vampire Diaries fandom voiced through the years. I, for one, never had the same hang ups. Not in my books or shows, at least. I’m greedy that way. I like my smut really smutty. And those guys on the cover? Can you honestly say that you wouldn’t want to get it on with both of them? Aha, I thought so.

So what went wrong? Why only 3 stars?

One star went out because Jo was portrayed as this perfect little angel. “Oh, she’s so pretty, oh, she’s so talented, she’s a shiny star fallen from the sky.” It went on and on and on.

The other star was sacrificed for not enough sex. It was like you blink and you miss it. Such a let down.

Over and out


Book review: Phantom

PhantomPhantom by Laura DeLuca

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Song: Phantom of the Opera (METAL VERSION)

A perfect case of too little too late, I guess. I’m sure if I read this in high school or even at the beginning of colledge, I would really like it. Unfortunatly, this book just got lost somewhere on my shelves and I couldn’t get to it in time to enjoy it. Too bad really, ’cause I really like The Phantom of the Opera (the musical).

Oh yeah, and I knew who the killer was from the very beginning, like the first 10 pages, so yeah… That was dissapointing.

Over and out