Book review: Shadowfever

ShadowfeverShadowfever by Karen Marie Moning

My rating: 3.8 of 5 stars

Song: Eve – Who’s That Girl?

Buddy read with my girls Jilly and edge of bubble.

Oh, what a ride it was. It started slow, like really really slow. I wasn’t feeling it for the first half of the book, except for a couple WTF? moments and was losing all hope. You know that feeling when you get to a party early and people are just coming in and you stand there, all five of you strangers, and it’s weird and awkward? It was like that. But then things started to unfold, my beliefs that I carried since book 1 were shaterred to pieces and SHIT GOT REAL! I should’ve listened to Jilly when she said to not assume things about Barrons. Boy am I glad I didn’t share my theories with you people, it would’ve been embarassing right about now.

A few things I have to mention that really got under my skin.

First: editing.
I don’t know if the editor was on vacation or something while this was written, but damn, I could’ve been just as awed with the story if it was half as long. Ok, maybe a third of it could’ve been cut, but that’s my final word.

Second: Dani.
I loved that girl in previous books, here – I wanted to get my sewing kit and get to work on her mouth. All this Mega stuff was getting on my nerves. She had some good moments, but still, she better be more mature in her own books.

Hormonal is me. Up one minute, down the next. My moods change quick as my feet fly. One minute I can’t wait to grow up and have sex; the next I hate people, and men are people; and, dude – isn’t semen about the most disgusting thing you ever seen? Like, eew, who wants some dude to squirt snot in their mouth?

Third: Mac’s identity.
First she’s this, now she’s that, then she’s something else. I get that we were supposed to be guessing until the bitter end, I do. It just got me a…

Other than that, I loved it. And V’lane, oh V’lane, you sexy devil, I’m rooting for your spin-off.

Over and out.


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