Book review: Iced

IcedIced by Karen Marie Moning

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Song: Urge Overkill – Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon


So I went from this…

to this…

… in a span of just a few chapters. How can I even explain it to you without sounding like a raging bitch? For the sake of my immortal soul I will try. If I let a few fucks slip somewhere, I apologize in advance.

Let’s start with things I liked so it won’t seem like I’m totally unreasonable, shall we?
1. Dani is smart. Probably smarter than people give her credit for. Probably because she had to figure out all the important stuff real early. Also I suspect she could use her memory for more than just freeze framing, ’cause it’s some kind of photographic memory and that could be very cool if she explores it.

2. Dancer. There’s something to be said about a guy without (seemingly) any superpowers, who can hold his own in the company of all the superfreaks surrounding him. I really hope we don’t find out he’s some kind of undercover baddy, he’s my only hope for humanity in this series. Also he’s a genious and the only age appropriate love interest for Dani.

And that’s where the good things end. What’s left is the constant stream of stupid behavior from the adults, bullheadedness from Dani, lots of shades of psychosis and obsessiveness from the male population, and a total disregard of the fact that Dani is FUCKING FOURTEEN YEARS OLD!

Here we have Ryodan (who we have no idea how long’s been walking the earth) and Christian (who’s in late twenties going on infinity at this point) practically having a pissing contest over a girl, they have no business salivating over. Again, SHE IS FOURTEEN! Where all Ryodan does is controlling and manipulating, practically suffocating Dani, Christian is acting all freaky gushing about her and making plans for their wedding.

Meanwhile Ryodan is boinking Jo, who for some reason, thinks he has real feelings for her, instead of her being a filler untill he can get his hands on Dani. That’s just sick. I’m not a fan of Ryodan, and even though I didn’t like Barrons at first either, unlike Barrons I don’t see how he can redeem himself in my eyes.

And Christian is plain crazy. Turning into Unseelie prince royally screwed with his head, pun intended, and he just can’t seem to find any balance. Maybe he’ll get a grip on that, untill then I’ll hold my judgement.

And then we have Dani. I liked her in previous books, but I come to find out I can only take her in small doses at a time. If I have to read any more of her “I’m so Mega awesome” thoughts I might go on a killing spree.

Let’s see what else. Oh yeah, the alternating chapters. Hated them. Enough said. Another major let down is the absence of Mac and Barrons. WTF? Yeah, it’s Dani’s book but do you really expect us to believe that, with everything going on, those two just didn’t give a damn and stayed away from all the excitement? Yeah, right! I’m just glad that there was no BIG big bad to stretch the storyline farther, other things could just as easily be taken care of by Mac. Thank God we’re getting back to her story, ’cause this was such a mess. I know Mac is annoying, but after reading this disaster, I somehow find myself missing her.

Over and out


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