Book review: Feverborn

FeverbornFeverborn by Karen Marie Moning

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Song: Papa Roach – Last Resort

First of all, let me say big fat sarcastic “thank you” to miss Moning for giving me a disgusting visual for every time I will think about Papa Roach (the band). ‘Cause for the rest of my life that name, instead of a perfectly normal band, will be synonimous with this…

Brrrrrrr, I just know I’m gonna have nightmares

On second thought, she compensated that with one cranky, mopey wizard/bear/cat manic-depressive binge-eater, who strongly reminds me of cheshire cat.

meet Shazam

That coupled with Lor and I can forgive her the roach thing. I’ll get back to you on that one if my nightmares would continue. Back to Lor.

Do women sit around all day dreaming up bipolar-crazy-ass conversations just to make us bugfuck crazy?

Yep, we totally do, at least some of us. No? Is it just me? Oops, nevermind. What he was actually referring to was that Jo told him that she “doesn’t wanna wanna fuck him anymore” but if she changes her mind he should say no to her. Aha, like that’s gonna happen.

This installment follows the path of the previous books, where it starts slow and has lots of Mac’s inner monologue and then shit starts really exploding in the last third of the book. It seems it’s coming full circle with Cruce and Sinsar-Dubh taking the spotlight again.

Jada/Dani is growing on me, she’s not cold at all, despite what the others initially thought. I like her this way, Ryodan’s gonna have his hands full. Speaking of Ryodan, dude turned a total 180. Girl is seriously messing him up. I approve.

Mac’s stinky fan club turned out to be Sweeper’s minions. He is some kind of Fae fix-it enthusiast, who decided Mac needs some fixing. I know it’s a popular opinion among you guys that she really could use it, but I for one like her the way she is, so …

There were some really touching moments between Barrons, Ryodan, Christian and Mac. I was so proud of them, I was like “awwwww, guys that’s precious”.

Cruce is alive and kicking and plotting. I missed that dude, he has a special place in my heart, reserved for diabolical hot guys. I’m walking on the dark side and I’m not ashamed to admit that.

Of course among all the chaos, Barrons seems unshakable. I’d like to end this review on my favourite quote of his.

“Ms. Lane, when the world goes to bloody hell, I will always be by your bloody side.”

Over and out


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