Book review: Dreamfever

DreamfeverDreamfever by Karen Marie Moning

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Song: Kat Perkins – Get Lucky

Buddy read with my girls Jilly and edge of bubble.

I KNEW IT! I FECKING KNEW IT! There was a were-something in that basement. Who was it, is the question of the day. I need answers, STAT!

Ok, back to the beginning. As expected, first time we hear from Mac she’s a rambling nymphomaniac, duh. That made room for chapters from Dani’s POV, wich I find hilarious and awesome. Yeah, you’d say she seems like a younger and a touch more snarkier version of Mac, but I’d have to disagree. Dani is 13!!! and she’s awesome. She’s fast, smart, strong and has a set of brass cahoonas. She’s a Hit Girl in her own right. Teenage angst is just inevitable at that age.

I wasn’t sure before that I wanted an entire Dani book, but now I’m really looking forward to it. I feel like when she grows up she’ll have her own choice of dark and dangerous men after her. For now she’s torn between crushing on Barrons and crushing on V’lane. Oh, how I get her.

“I’m gonna give one of ’em my virginity one day.”

Isn’t that just cute? We all know it’s not gonna be Barrons though, so that leaves… Aha, that’s a thought for another day, way way down the road, when it stops being creepy thinking about her sex life.

On that note, let’s get back to Mac and her “rehab”.

Good-bye: dating, flirting, and building up to that special romantic moment. Hello: I’m getting screwed senseless, and then, when I’ve gotten about as low as I can get, I’m getting screwed back to my senses – although I wouldn’t in a million years admit any such thing to a man who was no doubt feeling impossibly smug that, by the power of his sexuality alone, he’d rescued me from the mindless state it had taken multiple Unseelie death-by-sex Fae to drag me to, kicking and screaming. If I knew Jericho Barrons, he was walking around feeling like his dick was the most huge, magnificent, perfect, important creation under the sun.

The aftermath of the previous book looks quite postapocalyptic understandably and there is much to be done about it, so Mac better find her inner badass quick. Start acting instead of reacting already! Like Jayne, for example. That man is no wuss, taking a stand to defend his city against all odds. Cudos, man.

Mac finally gets some clues about her ancestry but there seems to be some confusing mix up with the names. I don’t know if it’s my paranoia or if it’s deliberate, but it would be a real twist if it was intentional.

I’m thinking I should step out of this world for a little tiny time, I need to distance myself and gather my thoughts, hopefully I’ll gain some perspective.

Over and out.


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