Book review: Punk 57

Punk 57Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Song: Bring Me The Horizon – Follow You


Don’t ever change. This is a big ass world, and when we leave our small towns, we’re going to find our tribe. If we don’t stay true to ourselves, how will they recognize us?
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What an unexpected delight this was. Truly. These days I mostly stay away from teenage drama, mainly because I can’t relate to it anymore as that part of my life is now behind me, and it annoys the crap out of me. This was not the case here. I got into reading it after all the amazing reviews and it was all the rage so I thought “What the hell, I’ll just check what all the fuss is about”. Wise decision on my part. I have to give credit where credit is due, Penelope Dougas knows how to pull readers in. The writing, the pacing, the characters, even the dual POV (the importance of the right handling of wich I can’t ever stress enough) was on point and engaging.

The story is about Ryen and Misha, two kids from different schools who became pen pals in fifth grade as an assignment. For seven years they were friends, making a promiss to not contact each other through socail media, only waiting for that excitement when the letters came. Until one day Misha ran across a photo of a girl online and knew it was her. He had to meet her. He just didn’t expect to hate what he found.

Ryen was probably the most difficult charecter to like, she was at times enraging and shallow and not a very good person, but I can truly say that I found a lot of myself in her too. I think a lot of people would rather identify themselves more with Misha, but if we’re honest with ourselves, we have a little Ryen in all of us. That fear of being different, wanting to belong, wanting to be liked, to feel good about ourselves, to be part of the big crowd. We all went through it at some point and I liked how the author adressed it in the after thought. And to be fair, I didn’t say that Misha was all perfect. Far from it. But you can’t fault him, guy knows who and what he is and stays true to himself.

Another thing I loved was how the thing with Misha and his father was resolved. By not really being resolved. We didn’t get to see it working out and that, in my opinion, is perfect. I mean, that kind of relationship doesn’t fix itself in one sitting. It’s a process and Misha made the first move. I was happy with that.

In conclusion, the sexual content in this book was pretty steamy for 17 year olds. I feel like I missed out on something back in my day. Don’t worry about me though, I caught up pretty fast ;P

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