WW or They Did It, They Finally Did It


Картинки по запросу wonder woman poster

With blockbuster season finally upon us, my friends and I go to popcorn land every week if not every other day. Between aliens, robots, superheroes and mummies there’s enough action to last a lifetime. And where superheroes are concerned, battle of the titans continues. Of course I am talking Marvel vs. DC.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a Marvel girl through and through but even I was excited about DC’s latest endeavours. My excitement was temporarily squashed by the letdown that was Suicide Squad but I’m a cheery person, so I wasn’t gonna let it bring me down. My hopes were picked up fast by the footage of Wonder Woman and Justice League (major bonus that Jason Momoa was in it), all I had to do was wait.

And tonight the wait was over. For WW that is. And you know what? I loved it. I enjoyed everything about it. The actors, the action, the story and most of all – the heart. That sort of magic touch could only be wielded by a woman, wich Patty Jenkins certainly proved. Choosing a woman to direct this epic “girl power” movie was a no-brainer, the question was to pick the right one, and me thinking studio heads bet on the right horse.

Gal Gadot was probably a weird choise for the role of WW at the beginning, but she quickly showed why she was perfect for it. She basically carried Batman vs. Superman on her “fragile woman’s” shoulders and yes, it’s my opinion but come on, you know I’m right. Having her own movie gave her room to breath and shine in earnest. The quiet grace, innocence, and courage made Gadot’s WW a worthy heir of that name.

I can’t not mention Robin Wright, the woman amazes me with her badassery. There’s probably no other woman like her out there and that makes her another sort of wonder woman in my book. There’s nothing she can’t do.

As for the love story, where there’s Chris Pine – there’s love. Those baby blues worked their magic for quite some time now but they would be nothing without a talent, and the guy has it. His character, Steve Trevor, and Diana has a bit of Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter situation going on and so obviously viewer’s shouldn’t expect a happily ever after. Although, I don’t know, there’s always hope.

My favorite part of the movie was the scene on the neutral line between warring camps, the way Diana wasn’t willing to compromise her principles. It made me proud somehow.

The only minus of the movie was Ares. Dude was transparent as a glass wall. Also he was overly dramatic and definitely talked too much. I guess we can’t have the good without the bad, nature demands balance and all that.

To sum it all up, the movie was a great example that female superheroes can and should be allowed out of the dark corner. There are actually a lot of excellent characters to be explored, to give variety to a superheroes universe, dominated by testosterone. Both in Marvel and DC. Hopefully this would be the first step in that direction. Grab your friends or partners and go see the movie, it’s worth it.

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4 thoughts on “WW or They Did It, They Finally Did It

  1. Currently in the theater to see it again! Did you cry??? I need to know. And yes! Seeing Robin wright play a fantasy role after seeing her as Claire on house of cards is the best thing ever!!! Suicide squad was such a fail. It looked so damn good but DC has been flopping since The Dark Knight trilogy. Well til now, haha.

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