Book review: Rock Chick Revolution

Rock Chick RevolutionRock Chick Revolution by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Song: Rihanna – Kisses Don’t Lie

The last book. So many thoughts. So many feelings. It was in no way a smooth ride, but what a ride it was indeed. I’m gonna miss this loony bunch so much.

I promise I didn’t cry much. Just a tear or two here and there. It was emotional, give me a break.

We finally get to Ally’s story and I thought it was great to end it the way we began it. With the original Rock Chick. It seems fitting. But if you thought you’d get a classic Rock Chick book with all the shootings and kidnappings and total mayhem… well, you’d be right… mostly. But not really. You see, this book certainly has all of that, but it was just a background. The story wasn’t about that, it was about relationships and family and love.

A motley crew of cops and crooks, bounty hunters and baristas, PIs and rock stars,
hot guys and Rock Chicks.
My people.
My family.

Through the book there was I thought three main stories. The story of how Ally and Ren got together.


“You gave me a run for my money, and once I stopped finding it a pain in my ass and started enjoying it, I did nothing but. I enjoyed every fuckin’ second, Ally. And every fuckin’ second I’ve never doubted how I was feeling. And just to be clear, how I was feeling, every day through this game we’ve been playing, was that I was falling deeper in love with you.”

The story of Ally trying to make her own way in life and making people around her come to terms with it.

“What’s with the B.A. shit?” I asked.
“Bad,” Tex pointed at me, “Ass.”
Holy crap!
I loved that!
I was Fortnum’s own Mr. T, except white, female and without the Mohawk.

And the story of Ally helping out Darius…

“Brace, brother. Because I’m gonna knock myself out to heal what’s broken in you. And I won’t quit until I’ve done it.”

… and Smithy…

Luke came to me and took the gun out of my hand. “I need to find a way to erase the last three minutes,” he muttered, sounding aggrieved.
“Why?” I asked.
“I just watched my boy’s sister strip. There’s laws against that,” he replied, not taking his eyes off Mace … but I had a feeling what Luke was doing was studiously avoiding seeing me in sequined undies and stripper shoes.
“No there’s not,” I said to Luke and he finally looked at me.
“Babe, there are. Trust me,” he stated.

The only reason it wasn’t a five star read for me was because of author breaking the fourth wall (is it still considered the fourth wall if it’s a book?). What she did was insert herself and the Rock Chick books into the Rock Chick world. I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it, but it made me somehow uncomfortable. So that’s why. Other than that it was a great conclusion to a great series.

Over and out


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