Book review: Rock Chick Redemption

Rock Chick RedemptionRock Chick Redemption by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Song: The Police – Every Breath You Take

Let’s be clear about something, ok? I like alpha males, I fucking love them, but when a guy you met like a second ago, who is also a policeman, gives you no other choice but to go on a date with him and then tells you that if you skip town – he will track you down and bring you back, well then it’s not a behavior that makes me all melty and marshmallowy.

What keeps me from being a bitch about this whole situation is that, for some reason, I am unable to not like this book. It’s like a magic spell, or something.

This helps too. Aww…

I try my damndest to hate it, instead I find myself grinning like a fool while reading it. It’s not normal.

That’s what you get for making a holy cow one of the main characters. She didn’t have a name so I named her Cleo. It seemed like a fitting name for her.

Isn’t she something?

Now, wait a minute! What do you mean there was no actual holy cow in the book? I distinctly remember people callng for her on every other page. She was mentioned so many times, it seemed like she was vital to the story. I’ve built her up in my head, gave her a personality, even a backstory and she’s not even real? This is mind boggling, I feel like that day when I learned that there was really no spoon.

If you’re wondering what the hell you just read – I don’t blame you. It’s my punishment for spending so much time with Denver people. Don’t you know they’re all crazy? It must have rubbed off on me or something.

Over and out


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