Book review: Rock Chick Reckoning

Rock Chick ReckoningRock Chick Reckoning by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Song: Black Velvet by Alannah Myles


Why did you have to mess with a fine working formula, miss Ashley?

Now, this is how it usually works: Rock Chick gets in some kind of trouble, Rock Chick meets Hot Bunch Guy, insta lust, denial, Hot Bunch Guy goes after Rock Chick, Rock Chick stubbornly tries to not get involved, Hot Bunch Guy patiently puts up with her bullshit, bang bang shoot shoot, kidnapping, chase, rescue, Rock Chick gives into the Hot Bunch Guy, happy end. That’s what I’m used to, that’s what I’m counting on.

What did we get here? Rock Chick (Stella) met Hot Bunch Guy (Mace) quite a while ago, they were in a relationship, he dumped her, she sang to him, she got shot at because of him, now he needs to protect her and naturally he wants her back.

This is what I had problem with. HE DUMPED HER. A YEAR ago. They were together for MONTHS. And they didn’t know each other AT ALL. How is that even possible in a Hot Bunch universe? That’s not what these boys do. They see what they want, they go after what they want, they don’t take no for an answer. And it takes them at most a week. How? Just how did Mace and Stella manage to mess it all up for the series?

And another thing. Stella’s swearing. What the hell kind of swear word is Shitsofuckit!? It annoyed me to an unimaginable level. Even more than effing. And that says something. I hate the word effing.

That’s how you do it in a grown up world

There was also this thing of multiple POVs that made me not very happy. I hope it was just an experiment and won’t get into next books. It just didn’t work for this series. Too many characters. We need to focus on just one couple at a time. Comprende, miss Ashley?

All of that really pissed me off, but around the half of the book I was mostly over it. Shit got more serious, and anyway I was too tired from two airplanes to be a proper bitch, so I let it go. It was fun in the end.

P.S.: This was my …



P.P.S.: Alannah Myles’s Black Velvet is totally my new obsession

Over and out


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