Book review: Rock Chick Reawakening

Rock Chick ReawakeningRock Chick Reawakening by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Song: Tubthumping by Chumbawamba


Marcus Sloan. I knew I liked that man for a reason, he’s just… everything. And Daisy, that girl deserves everything. And damn it all to hell if she didn’t get her fairy tail and her castle and her prince after everything she’s been through.

I’d been knocked down. Again and again. I just kept getting up. And I was still standing, in platforms, with great hair.

Great hair, great boobs, great attitude and lots of sparkle. Yeah, I love Daisy. How could you not love her? She’s always there with whatever support any of the Rock Chicks need. She’s kind, she’s generous, she’s funny. She has the biggest heart you’ve ever seen, that’s why her bosom needed readjustment to fit it all in. To think someone would want to hurt a person like that is unimaginable to me.

We knew from before that Daisy was a stripper when she met Marcus. Marcus on the other hand was a crime boss. And you know what? I didn’t care at all that Marcus was a crime boss. Not one bit. Not ever. And especially not through this story. It only gave him the opportunity to go where no other guy in the series could go. Because let me tell you, I’m all for death sentence for rapists and child molesters. I applauded Marcus when that shot was made and I’m not sorry for that.

I probably should have read this story after book 8 because there was some stuff in the end that was kinda spoilery, but who am I kidding? We all knew it would go that way. So Yay! It was amazing and I’m happy and now I go see what Ally and Ren are up to.

Toodles, my honey bunches of love.


Over and out


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