Book review: The Piano Man Project

The Piano Man ProjectThe Piano Man Project by Kat French

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Song: The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

I got everything I wanted from this book. The laughs, the tears, the feels. So much feels, and most of them wasn’t even about the main two. Lets’s start at the beginning though, ’cause it got me snickering from the first paragrath.

“Don’t you think there’s something sad about buying yourself a new vibrator for Valentine’s Day?” Honey picked up a lurid pink model and eyed it with distaste.
“Why?” Tash laughed. “My last one was the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. When it gave out I buried it in the back garden and planted a phallic cactus over it as a tribute.”

Oh man, that Tash chick is something. So anyway, between sex shop and lunch Honey let it slip that she had not have an orgasm… like ever. Her loyal friends Tash and Nell convince her to find a man to fix that problem for her, but not just any man, a pianist. ‘Cause, you know, they are good with their hands and such. They call it The Piano Man Project. So while her friends are busy with finding the pianist for her, Honey meets her new neighbor Hal. Hot, mean guy from across the hall. They start to have a weird relationship where he yells at her from behind his door and she brings him food and booze. She likes to sit outside his door and tell him all her problems too. Yeah I already said it’s a weird relationship. One he doesn’t even want because he has his own shit going on and just wants to be left alone. Yeah, buddy, not likely.

“Why don’t you just leave me the hell alone?”
“Because for some unfathomable reason even I can’t identify, I happen to bloody like you! You make me laugh when you’re not being downright rude to me, you’re randomly sweet when I don’t expect it, and your smile does weird stuff to my brain, probably because it’s like one of those endangered animals that you have to wait forever to see at the zoo and then you stare really hard at because you know you might not see it again for a really long time. Or ever. Okay? I just like being with you.”

She’s either saint or nuts, probably a little of both seeing as she’s trying to save OAP home that she works at. But she has some spunk to her too, she’s no pushover.

“Here. Stick your bamboo where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Yet she tries again and again to bring Hal out of his recluse existence into the land of the living. Sometimes she even succeeds. She has a lot of advice and borrows a lot of wisdom from her eighty-something friends from the home, sisters Lucille and Mimi. The girls are crazy and fun and so sweet, I want to be half as cool when I’m that age. They’ve seen war, they’ve seen struggle, they’ve seen everything there is to see and they have this amazing spirit and will to do everything they can to save their home from closing. Every single person from that home was brave and stubborn and truly amazing. And that’s where most of my feels went in this story.

Hal was a difficult and complex man and even though he wanted what Honey could give, he was often too scared or too hard on himself to give them a chance. When Hal was intent to end his relationship with Honey (for her own good was his reasoning), it was Mimi who gave her strengh to fight for what she wants.

“Never give a man all the power, Honesuckle. They don’t know what to do with it and will more than likely blow their own hands off before they’ve even got started.”

Over and out


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