Book review: Man Candy

Man CandyMan Candy by Melanie Harlow

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Song: Nick Jonas – Close ft. Tove Lo

I didn’t love it like I was supposed to. There were the elements I usually like in a story, for example:

1. Silly boy who rejected you in high school now wants you baaaaaaaaaad – check

2. Girl now holds the position of power – check

3. Pencil skirts and leopard print heels – check and check

4. GNO’s – check

5. Lots of steemy sex – check

6. Cool big gay brother – check

All that and I still can’t give it even 4 stars. Seriously, Jaime’s stubborn attitude towards her “rules” made me want to smack her over the head on more than one occasion. And don’t even try giving her any chivalry or like basic normal treatment! Nope, not her thing.

He held out his hand and I put mine in it to shake, but instead he tenderly kissed the back of it.
“Ew, what are you doing?” I pulled my hand away.

Ugh! You see what I mean?

But still, it was an entartaining read and Jaime’s comparing sex to a dining experience was weird but fun.

He looked like that type. A meal you could enjoy morning, noon, or night. Like pigs in a blanket from The Pancake House.

Queen was a sweetheart through and through and honestly he should have a monument in his honor for dealing with a bullshit like an adult. And he cooks, so that’s another reason to love him. Well, that and how he was about his mother. To love his mother so deeply but not turning into a total mommy’s boy is a rare balance.

Over and out


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