Book review: Dreamology

DreamologyDreamology by Lucy Keating

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Song: Beyoncé – Sweet Dreams

Amazing book. Such an adventure. You know, I always have vivid colorful dreams, but nothing like what Alice had with Max.

Ok, so the thing is, from when she was little Alice had a dream friend, Max. They were having adventures, exploring ocean’s depths, seeing different countries, fallig in love, all in the dreamworld. Then Alice and her father come to live in her Nan’s house in Boston and she starts at the new school where, surprise surprise, she meets the real Max. That’s when the weirdness begins, he doesn’t seem to remember her, also he acts like a jerk, wich is nothing like the Max she knew her whole life. So, what a girl to do? She befriends, or rather is befriended by, a school’s troublemaker Oliver. And he was my favourite character in this story, hands down.

“Jeremiah,” Oliver is saying heatedly to a chubby kid with a World of Warcraft T-shirt on. “I don’t know any other way to explain this. The existence of dinosaurs does not in any way prove that dragons once walked among us.”

Aha, right. I’m with Jeremiah on that one. Anyway, Oliver is the kind of guy you’d love to hang out with. He’s fun, spontaneous and down for pretty much anything. And he genuinly likes to hang out with Alice, even when she’s being weird.

“I have this habit, whenever I’m in a remote location, of wondering if this would be a good place to hide a body.”

Too much procedural shows, Alice, too much.

Also, there’s an added plus, he used to be Max’s friend and their relationship now is strained at best, so hanging out with him means getting Max to notice she even exists. Other than Oliver though, Alice doesn’t seem to have a lot of friends in a new crowd and she misses her BFF dearly. And when she finds clues to how she and Max could be connected, there’s not many people she could ask for help figuring it all out.

“You are really hard-up for friends, huh?”
“There’s nobody I’ve quite reached the breaking-and-entering level with”

Well, there’s Max of course, and he occasionally slips up and let’s her know that he, in fact, does know her. But the problem is, Max has a girlfriend. Not a bitchy, self-centered, airheaded girlfriend. Noooooo, he has found himself a perfect miss Congeniality.

‘Hi, babe!” Celeste coos, slinking over to kiss Max on the cheek. “You remember Alice, right? We met on the quad, I guess you know her from psychology, too. Duh.”

And the time we broke into the Louvre and had a picnic with Mona Lisa. And the time we raced a 1960s Porsche through back roads in Italy. And the time we rode pink elephants along the Great Wall of China.

And you can’t even hate Celeste because she’s just GOOD. It’s annoying, really but what can you do? What happens next I won’t say, so not to spoil all the fun. All you need to know is that there’s a lot going on, in and out of dreamworld, and this journey is worth exploring. So just go and do that.

Over and out


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