Book review: Archangel’s Kiss

Archangel's KissArchangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Song: Not Afraid Anymore by Halsey

I think it never took me so long to read the book I actually liked. But alas, work, travel and now flue got the best of me. Ever tried to read with watering eyes and temperature of hell’s levels? No? I did, it was hard but I persevered. I know I know, I’m nuts. Nothing new there.

Now about the book. I loved it. I loved that Elena didn’t lose herself in the guy and circumstances.

“What is it you’d like to know, Guild Hunter?” She hid her smile at his slip. “What do I call you? Husband? Mate? Boyfriend?”
Stopping with his hand on the doorknob, he shot her an inscrutable look. “You can call me Master.”

Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

And what I also like is the humor. Elena of course is not Charley Davidson when it comes to sarcasm and comebacks, but she’s doing pretty damn good, considering.

“I think I need some food before I start thinking about all the horribly painful ways I could conceivably die.”

But what I liked most was the ending. I mean it was worthy of a Buffy episode. Some might say that building the Slater Patalis thing for 2 books, only to give it half a second to resolve, seems not nearly as gratifying as it should be. But not me, I think it was pretty cool.

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