Book review: Archangel’s Heart

Archangel's HeartArchangel’s Heart by Nalini Singh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Song: Volatile Times by IAMX


She did it again! Oh yes, she did. Nalini Singh is a freak of nature with how good she is. Seriously. I can’t even…

This time around it’s about a secret society of angels, who call themselves Illuminati Luminata. They wear robes, live outside of anyone’s jurisdiction, and seek “luminescence” by hording world’s most precious art and doing silent reflection and stuff. Hmmm, they’re must be a good secret society, right? Is there such a thing? Anyway these guys requested a Cadre meeting at their place because Lijuan is missing and with bloodlust taking roots, archangels need to decide what to do about her territory and stuff.

Conviniently, Luminata is located in Morocco so Elena could dig around about her possible family connections and figure out where she came from. All interesting stuff, and of course there is Cascade in full progress, and with all of the Cadre in one place it’s meant to be quite a trip.

But enough about the awesomness that is this book. Let’s talk about the Cascade for a minute. I have some thoughts, so bear with me. According to the archives and Caliane’s recollection of past Cascades, it’s supposed to be this massive event that influences archangel power and is so unpredictable that it could bring the world down. Right? Now what we’ve seen so far, if you really think about it, is a power surge in the Cadre to give them more power in ways that is unique to their character and personality. It also seems Cascade has at least some kind of awereness, emerging at the times of great change. First, it started happening right about the time Lijuan has grown into her power, terrifying as that is. It sort of balanced out the scales in a sense that it boosted other’s powers and gave Raphael the ability to counter her powers. Second, there was the thing with Illium’s power going haywire in the previous book. We then find out the same happened in the previous Cascade to an angel who had a blood vow with his sire. Meaning that this power overload was meant to be transfered to the archangel tied to overloaded angel. Rigth? Again, seems like Cascade was consiously trying to give some kind of tool to intended archangel. This time it was Raphael, cause he’s a great and amazing archangel and we all love him. So now Cascade effectively locked the Cadre inside the Luminata until they sorted out the problem that infected it. Of course there are other things involving Cascade that seem to be working with this theory that it is really some kind of benevolent force. All destruction it brought is just because all the power it contains. Something big is definitely coming and Cascade is just preparing us for it in my opinion. Phew. Let me know what you thought about my crazy ramblings.

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