Book review: Angels’ Blood

Angels' BloodAngels’ Blood by Nalini Singh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Song: Run Run Blood by Phantogram

Another great book that slipped through the cracks in my electronic bookcase. Stupid, stupid me for leaving it sit on my shelf for so long.

So ahh, you see, english is not my native language but I guess I’ve mastered it enough to read and watch movies without looking up unknown words all the time. Saying that, I actually like to learn new words from time to time and this book gave me that in spades. The language of this book is so rich and articulate that I can’t help but to love it. The ammount of words I had to look up was eye opening and yet it didn’t feel like a hard read at all. Most of the books these days are written in more simple language, not making any room for further educating young minds that read them. I have to tip my hat to miss Nalini Singh for doing just that, even if it’s just me.

Angel’s blood has all the good things that I look in my paranormal series: it has a kickass heroine, fun humorous banter, smoldering alpha males and interesting interpretation of well known myphs.

Ok, now to the characters.
Elena is brave and smart, has a nice sense of humor, dark past and a good sense of self presarvation. I think we’ll learn more about her family tragedies in the next book or maybe even later, I’m happy to wait if t gives us something to look forward to and makes an interesting story for the future. All I know for now is that her father is some real piece of work. Their dynamics remind me strongly of that in Chicagoland Vampires series between Merit and her father. I have a feeling that Elena’s father has some interesting developments ahead.

Raphael. Oh, how I loved him. He gave me the chills from the first moment I met him. Good chills mixed with all kinds of wrong, exactly how I like it. If I could get pregnant from reading this book, I’d be pregnant with triplets. And that was even before the sex scenes. I got so much vibes from him, I had to stop reading for a few minutes to compose myself. Damn, that man’s hot.

Sarah and Ransom were just the friends you need if you’re Elena Deveraux – kickass, funny and loyal to no end. I want to see more of them in the next books. They’re awesome.

There are also some intriguing characters like Dmitri and Venom and Illium, I’d like to know more about them. They have so much potential in my eyes.
We didn’t get to learn a lot about the Archangels in this book, exsept maybe Michaela and Lijuang. And even that was just bits and pieces, so no definite thoughts about them yet. Ok, just one. Michaela is a bitch. There.

I am very excited about this series, honestly I haven’t been this excited about paranormal books since The Hollows series. God, I miss Rachel and her gang. So if you look for something to sink your teeth into, this book might be just what you need.

Over and out.


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