Book review: The Turn

The Turn
The Turn by Kim Harrison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Song: James Brown – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

^ ^ ^ ^ ^
That’s me 90% of the time reading the book.
Here’re the reasons why.

1. Gender equality is far from perfect even in 2017, but 1963 is just ridiculous.
2. Kal is an asshole.
3. Kal is a thumb-sucking slug turd.
4. Kal is a fairy’s dung heap.
5. Kal is a troll’s bahoogy, etc., etc., etc.
Well, you get my point. It being that I hate Kal. I can’t believe Trent came from that asswipe. Guh!

Now that my rage is somewhat under control – let’s talk about some other things, ok? The tomato thing for example. We (and by we I mean everyone who read The Hollows series, not a royal we) knew the aftermath of the Big Tomato Bang and how Inderlanders came out of the closet to save humanity. We knew that BTB was an accident. What we didn’t know is that the accident was a direct result of one jelous insecure twat tempering with a researcher’s work to make her look bad and claim her other work. Now, did we need this story to be told? Sure. Did we want 43% of it to be lab research based? Hell, no! I was dragging my feet for almost half the book, with almost no escape from mundane talk about seeds, crops, tomatoes and viruses. That’s not what made me fall in love with The Hollows series. Sure there were elves and magic and even a pixie, but it took a backseat to tomato. How could that have happened?!

Yes, if you are curious, the second half of the book was pretty awesome. That’s where all the action started. If you’re wondering why I had my raging pants on 90% of the time instead of 43%, it was because Kal was keeping me enraged every time he was in a scene. And he was in the book a lot. What I would have liked to do was give him to Gally right after Trent’s conception and never look back.

I also have to come clean about something. At first I thought Kal was Trent. You ask how did that happen? Well, it was really stupid of me. Of course it all fell into place eventually, but for the life of me I still can’t fathom why, oh why, Trent was named after his father. Moving on.

I would love to tell you all the things I loved about this book, but it would spoil too much. Rest assured, it wasn’t all that bad and my rating woud have been much higher if it wasn’t for the first half. My Kal rage also doesn’t mean that I hated the book. I actually think it’s good when you have such intense feeling over a character, it means author did a great job with it. So perk up! You will get to hang out with a few familiar faces, like Gally and Rachel’s dad, and some of the others too. And of course there is a pixie, and aren’t they just the best? So just go ahead and read it for yourself already!

Over and out


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