Book review: The Score

The ScoreThe Score by Elle Kennedy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Song: Semisonic – Secret Smile

People, I don’t smoke, really really. But this makes me wanna be like

Oh, Dean. I never thought his book would make me so emotional. Let’s face it – he was previously painted to us as a sex-obsessed perv, deep as a puddle and not the brightest light bulb in the parking lot. So the fact that he got his own book is awesome, because we can all realise once again that we shouldn’t judge the book by it’s cover

So, kiddies, enjoy. And if you find yourself selfcombasting from all the naked goodness, or bursting from uncontrollable laughter (psssst, I totally did wake my neigbors at 3AM), or just plain looking for a napkin for unexpected tears, remember that I warned you.

Over and out


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