Book review: Sex Love Repeat

Sex Love RepeatSex Love Repeat by Alessandra Torre

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Song: So excited by Janet Jackson feat Khia

There are a lot of you guys who don’t like love triangles, even outright hate them. Me? I get a kick out of them if they’re done right.

Something about figuring out how to be with someone, while also having feelings for another, and this magnetic pull between the two – it gets me going. Bone-melting threesoms don’t hurt either. Maybe that makes me kinky and deffinitly greedy, but I don’t really care. This mama likes her kink.

In this case, I thought love triangle was executed perfectly. A lot of that had to do with Madison being Madison. Her stance on accepting who you are and what you need, and being unapologetic about it was refreshing. She wasn’t a bitch, she wasn’t a slut, she just lived the way she wanted, taking the best life had to offer. Situation with Paul and Stewart might have been peculiar but it worked. For her and for me. Being between them (not literally, this story doesn’t go there, sorry to disappoint) was like being between light and dark. Both sides have their perks, you just have to really know what you need. The idea that both men knew about each other and understood the need for it was, quite frankly, hot. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, I’m just gonna say that there were a couple WTF moments that at first seemed soap-opery (I know it’s not a word!) but at second inspection made the story somehow MORE.

So yeah, if you’re not afraid of your love triangles – go for it. Gotta admit though, I could’ve done without the epilogue. I really wished author didn’t go there with it. For me it cheapened the feel of the book.

Over and out


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