Book review: Firestarter

FirestarterFirestarter by Stephen King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Song: Up in Flames by Sam Tinnesz feat Maggie Eckford

People close to me know that I’m not into scary shit. I don’t watch horror movies and I don’t read books that make hair on your neck stand up on alert, and that’s why I can’t say that I’m a big Stephen King fan. Because I know he’s one scary dude. I’m not a total ignorant cupcake though. For researh purposes I’ve watched a few movies based on his books. And from what I saw Firestarter was by far my most favourite, so it’s not a surprise that I wanted to read the book too. It wasn’t the most scary or even most atmospheric one of his works and yet I found that I really like it a lot. Just don’t ask me to explain why, I have no idea.

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