To-read lists: expectations vs. reality

Have you ever met a person on Goodreads or otherwhise, who had a to-read list with 20, 30 or even 60 thousand books on it? I have. I have one question for those people, for wich I honestly want an answer – where do you, people, find time?

Forget about any kind of social life, family responcibilities, even work and you still won’t be able to fit it in. So why? Is it a life goal, a bet, a scientific curiousity? Or do those people have reading superpowers?

Honestly though, I know from personal experience that if you have more than 400-500 books on your waiting list – you forget half of them even exist. Let’s say you start a book in a new series, you like it, you wait for the next one and you start reading something else. Then it’s like a snowball, with each new book you forget more and more about that first one. Sure, you can argue that if you really really liked the book, you would never ever miss it’s continuation. I thought so too but what if you really really like more than one series? More than ten? And then there’re standalones. Book club readings. Group readings on GR. Let’s not forget about life too. And that’s how you find your list so out of hand, you’re afraid you won’t ever catch up.

Or maybe that’s just me. No? Let me know.



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