Book review: Embrace the Night by Karen Chance

Embrace the Night by Karen Chance


OutKast – Hey Ya!

Cassie’s adventures according to Billy the ghost:

“Every time you get involved with the vamps, it’s a bad thing.” Billy held up three translucent fingers. “Tomas. ‘Oh, Billy, he’s just a sweet street kid who needs a home.’ A sweet street kid who happened to be a master vampire in disguise, who betrayed you and almost got you killed!” A finger went down. “Mircea. ‘Oh, Billy, I’ve known him forever, he’s nothing to worry about.’ Until he placed that damn geis on you and maneuvered you into the Pythia thing, that is.” Another finger folded under, leaving me staring at a rude gesture. “See why I’m a little worried here?”

Now that he said it, Cass has the worst taste in men. I love Mircea but that geis thing wasn’t cool. It serves him right that it backfired on him.

So to lift the geis Cassie needs to go back in time to find the famous lost book of spells that everyone else wants. While doing that try to avoid being eaten by the incubus king or vaporized by the mages, rescue an old friend, play mother den for a bunch of street kids, and oh yeah meet Merlin. Fun week.

“That demon attacked me. He only went after Pritkin when he tried to protect me.” “Protect you? That’s like sending Pancho Villa to keep Che Guevara out of trouble!”

That Billy, he cracks me up every time. Pritkin though, I’m kinda tired of getting back and forth between trusting him or not. I would’ve been ok with it if we had that problem only now and then every few books, but it’s been like that in every one so far and it’s getting boring.

I think I liked this book the most so far. The resolution to the geis problem was hilarious and I wondered till the very end if they would go for “that”. I honestly would’ve been ok with it. I’m a perv like that, not even gonna deny that.

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