Book review: Claimed By Shadow by Karen Chance

Claimed By Shadow by Karen Chance


Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj – Bom Bidi Bom

It wasn’t just me right? This one was way better than the first one. Yes, I still have a case of major whiplash from all that was happening left and right, and it had a few eyerolling, head banging the wall moments, but I see a genuine progress.

The chase of Myra the evil contender continues through time and space and now she has her evil eye trained on Mircea. As in killing Mircea in the past so that he can’t give Cassie his protection over the span of her childhood. Bla bla. That’s not the interesting part. The interesting part is that we find out that Mircea put a geis, a magical equivalent of a chestity belt, on Cass when she was a kid. A kind of “Hands off” sign that prevents any hanky panky situation from happening. Except with him of course.

The problem is Cassie needs to finish the ritual of becoming the Pythia for reals and for that she needs to have sex with someone. Someone not Mircea because for some reason that geis thing is all out of wack and if she spends a lot of time with him, they both end up obsessed with each other to the point of mental insanity. But Pythia’s power doesn’t care about that stuff and so for some time Cassie acts like a cat in heat over any decent looking guy. That was fun. Glad it’s over.

Then we have a glimpse of Fairy with it’s dragons, rapy tree men (seriously gross thing there) and giant kings. Then Cassie puts on her big girl panties, or rather takes them off, and becomes the actual Pythia. Not saying with who though, ’cause I’m still in denial.

You’d think now that Cassie is in possesion of all that power it’d make a whole lot of difference in dealing with her problems, but nope, still struggling. At least she gains a reluctunt ally out of all of this. Pritkin is still a major asshole, but he’s sticking around to help out with the Pythia gig.

“I’ll never be the Pythia she was,” I warned. “I may not be any good at all.”
For the first time ever, I saw what looked like a genuine smile cross Pritkin’s face. “Well, that’s encouraging. No one who wants power should ever be allowed to weild it.”
“Then I’ll be great,” I said bitterly, “because no one could possibly want it any less than I do.”

And that’s the thing that bugs me the most about the book. That Cassie doesn’t want the power and still, if she needs it her only way of getting it is literally through the man’s bed. What kind of massage is that? What about girl power and all that? I’m not a raging feminist, but I even I gotta admit that something is not right in this scenario.

All that aside, my favorite thing from this book were these ladies…

They were fucking hilarious, I hope we’ll see more of them in the future.

Over and out.


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